Terms & Conditions

Health and Safety

Safety of all our Pottering Around guests is paramount. Your child(ren) remain your responsibility while at Pottering Around sessions, events and parties, and must be supervised throughout (if you leave the room for any reason, please take your child with you).

We politely ask that members do not attend if their child is suffering from a contagious illness.

Whilst we endeavour to clear all spillages as soon as they have occurred, spillages of the materials can cause the creative area to become slippy so please, NO running. All materials are made in the knowledge that they are to be handled under a parent/carer’s supervision. We appreciate your help in trying to avoid unnecessary/intentional pouring of materials outside of the immediate creative area so that everyone enjoys the experience.

Materials are generally breakable and must not be considered play equipment.  Pottering Around accepts no liability for breakages or injury caused by items taken outside the creative area.

Pottering Around accepts no liability or responsibility for damage to any belongings including clothes that are stained, marked or damaged. Please note that the paint and textas used may stain.

The materials used in Pottering Around sessions are all sourced from trusted suppliers  and are provided in the knowledge that parents and carers supervise their children while they use them. Whilst all the materials we use are non-toxic, they should not be eaten or placed in the mouth. Some materials we may use could pose a choking hazard to children if they put them in their mouths for example, pen tops, sponges, small brushes, pebbles, small decorative gems. Once again we remind parents/carers that children remain their responsibility during the session and must ensure their children are supervised at all times.


Due to venue overheads. preparation and material costs, payment is non-refundable.


Please sign in to the event upon arrival. Please notify your session leader as soon as possible if you aren’t able to attend a session that you have booked on to.


Pottering Around reserves the right to cancel sessions without refund in circumstances beyond our control (i.e. adverse weather conditions, closure of venue, staff illness) although we will endeavour to run catch-up sessions. If Pottering Around are unable to offer a catch-up session then refunds will be given. If you have any further queries, please check the FAQs, or contact your Pottering Around Leader.

Photo Consent

Pottering Around leaders may take photographs or video clips at sessions. This footage may be used on the website, Facebook pages, and marketing materials. If you do not wish to have your child’s photograph taken, please state this on your booking form and also let your leader know when you sign in at the session.

Firing and Collection of your artwork

If you leave your work to be fired they will be ready to collect after approximately 7days. Pottering Around accepts no liability for any items that may be chipped or damaged in the firing process.
Pottering Around will take steps to contact you via sms when they are available for collection. Items that remain uncollected after a period of 90 days will be donated to a charitable cause.